May 10, 2019

In case you’re thinking about retirement, it’s not easy….at least not for me. Retirement mode is hard. It’s not easy to just stop being OCD and relax. Relaxing takes time and effort….and a lot of patience on Joe’s side. Remember that you don’t have to have a laid-out plan of action for each day. You CAN fly by the seat of your pants and it won’t kill you. It may stress you out for a few months, but you will get over it…or at least that’s my goal. And luckily, Joe has not left me on the side of the road yet. LOL! 🙂

If you have never been to South Dakota, you are missing out. From Revillo on the eastern border to Hot Springs on the west, this state has some of the most beautiful country EVER! From millions of prairie dogs, buffalo grazing on the side of the road, country roads that go on for miles, herds of deer along the roads, mountains that will knock you’re socks off and cows at every turn, God has certainly created a bit of Heaven here in South Dakota.

Remember years ago when everyone saved Greenback Stamps? Well, in Mitchell, they have the equivalent. They can be redeemed for merchandise in the store or at the gas pump. Pretty cool.

One thing I forgot to mention a few months back, Joe and I made our own bar soap before we left Arkansas. It took about 30 minutes to make, a month to set up and then we cut it into bars. The soap makes your skin SOOO soft too! Let me know if you want the recipe and I’ll email it to you.

Right after we arrived at Angostura State Recreation Area and set up camp Monday, we took the pups for a walk up the hill behind our campsite to check out the view of the lake. Abigail was off her leash (she usually stays near us and comes when called) and Agnes was on her leash followed by Joe (she is not quite as obedient as Abigail). Well, Agnes saw a herd of deer, yanked her leash out of Joe’s hands and took off like a speeding bullet. Abigail joined suit. They were GONE! Joe followed on foot to round them up and I went back to get the car. I got the car and went up the road to locate the girls, but they were still following the deer across the road about a mile away. I went back to the campsite to see if Abigail was there and there she was, just sitting there waiting on me. She always comes back. 🙂 Well, she jumped in the car and we took off to find Joe and Agnes. By the time I got back up to where Joe was…..maybe 1 minute away….Joe had finally rounded up Agnes and we loaded her in the car and returned to the campsite. And did I mention that it was wet from several days of rain and snow? So guess what that meant? Wet, muddy, stinky dogs! Ugh!! I love my dogs, but I cannot stand a stinky dog. So as soon as we got back, Joe had to give them a bath. Needless to say, they were both grounded the rest of the day. The next morning, when the herd of deer were outside the camper, the girls were stuck on their tethers and could just bark and drool from a distance. LOL!

Just in case you were wondering, bicycles don’t go to Heaven, they go to Pringle, South Dakota.

I’ll write more later, but wanted to share some photos and videos from this week.