April 21, 2019

The KOA in DeForest, Wisconsin is a very nice place to stay. The property is well maintained by folks that travel from all over and stay and work at the campground for several months at a time. And the hosts are super friendly and really bust their tails making sure the sites are clean and manicured and we have what we need. Can’t complain at all about our stay here. Amenities here are:

  • Store open 8am – 6pm everyday
  • Free coffee and tea!
  • 24-hour laundry room
  • 24-hour bathrooms with showers
  • 2 fully-equipped cabins
  • Free WiFi
  • Playground
  • Swimming pool
  • Two doggie playgrounds with water and poop pouches 🙂
  • Great walking path around the whole property
  • Trees everywhere

Most campers just roll in and stay for just a night or two, but then there are those that homestead here. There are a few campers that are working in the area for a few months and sleep here at night. Some campers weren’t prepared for the snow that pummeled us last week and scrambled to find hotel rooms. Heck, we were toasty warm in our little camper. Snow didn’t stop us at all.

Then there are those folks that actually LIVE here. One example is John and Bonnie Schumann who have been married 62 years and call this KOA home. As you can see by the photos below, they are pretty much dug in with no plans to move on. Pretty nice folks though.

There is also the occasional crisis at the campground. This large motorhome in the videos below miscalculated the turn into their slot and got stuck. Of course, the mushy ground didn’t help at all. They had to call a big wrecker to pull them out. That was a hefty bill to pay. And they were just staying for one night! Sucks to be them.

There have also been a few tent campers that were here during the freezing cold nights last week. There were two 20+ sisters at one site that were actually sleeping in their car. They put some salmon and zucchini on the grill but had a heck of a time getting the fire to take hold. We gave them a bag of charcoal and some lighter fluid and that did the trick. I guess they left very early in the morning ’cause they were gone when Joe got up at 5am. They did leave a note on our windshield which was really nice.

There was also another couple from Cleveland, Ohio that stayed a few nights during the freezing weather which didn’t seem to faze them a bit. They had planned this getaway for over a year and couldn’t easily change their plans just because the weather was gonna be messy and cold. They made the best of a cruddy situation. Really nice folks too! And Andrea has an education and travel blog that you ought to check out. You can find it at clevelandrea.blog.

A shout out to the DeForest Family Restaurant that is about a mile from the KOA. Jack and Kiki Amiti are the owners and they run a super place! The food is very yummy and the staff is amazing. They are open all day every day. And their fried cheese curds are SOOO good!

We called on the folks at Sew n Sew’s Upholstery in Searcy, Arkansas last week to cut some replacement cushions for our bench seats. Emily knew exactly the sizes we need ’cause they made the covers for the original cushions. We will pick those up when we come back through Arkansas next month. Those guys do great work and are quick and very reasonable. You can check them out on Facebook at Sew n Sew’s Upholstery by Chrissy

I tried my hand at making matzah break last week in preparation for Passover. I must say that it turned out pretty good. Matter of fact, I’m gonna make another batch this afternoon. MMMMM!

If you didn’t know, we have long restraints for our pups while they are in the car. This keeps them from getting up in the front seat and getting in Joe’s way of driving. Abigail has her perch between our front seats….and she’s very happy there…. and Agnes gets the whole back end. Every once in a while, Agnes is allowed to sit on Joe’s lap. She’s so spoiled.

Yesterday was the first really warm sunny day we’ve had since we arrived in Wisconsin, so I took advantage of the beautiful day and napped in my lawn chair for a few hours. And being as fair skinned as I am, the obvious happened. I ended up with a really nice sunburn on my face. I was such a dork. Joe wanted me to post a pic of my sunburn, but I flatly refused. Nope, not gonna show you. LOL!

We plan to leave DeForest sometime the first week of May and head back to Arkansas for Memorial Day week for a few days to celebrate my birthday and pick up our grandson, Brennan. Below is the route we plan to take. One stop on our way is Revillo, South Dakota, which is where Joe grew up before moving to Arkansas. When we leave Arkansas the first week of June, we will head to Bedford, Kentucky to take Brennan to his other grandparents for the summer then head over to Fort Thomas, Kentucky to hook up with one of Joe’s Marine Corps buddies, Stan Mohr. From what I’ve learned of Stan over the past year on Facebook and Messenger, he is a nut, but a good nut. He cracks me up all the time on Facebook and can’t wait to hear all the “war stories” about him and Joe goofing around. GET READY STAN!!

Here’s some other random photos from last week:

See ya later!