April 7, 2019

Well guys, it’s been 6 days and I can’t even begin to put into words all the things we’ve experienced so far. Leaving our home in Cabot, Arkansas to spend 2+ years in a 19.5′ camper with our 2 pups is quite the undertaking, but the adventure is one we have been dreaming about for a few years. We have been given this amazing opportunity to travel and see the world and we are going to take advantage of it.

Currently, we are based at a KOA in DeForest, Wisconsin (north of Madison) until the first part of May. A KOA is NOT where we planned to stay, but unfortunately with all the flooding they have had up here, the majority of the state and national park campgrounds are closed until the end of April. This KOA is nice and the folks are wonderful, but we really didn’t want to have to pick up dog poop daily or adhere to leash restraints. Oh and by the way, you have to have a $30 permit for your pups before they can go into a dog park in Wisconsin. Sooooo, Abigail and Agnes will NOT be able to run free in a dog park while we are here. Bummer for them. 😦

There are tons of places we want to explore in Wisconsin in the next few weeks. Next week, we plan to visit House on the Rock in Spring Green. Joe has been telling me about it for the past 17 years and now I FINALLY get to see what he’s been bragging about!!

Mid-May we will make our way back to Arkansas to see The Sound of Music for my birthday, May 25. My son, Matthew Hampton, was part of the team that made the costumes for the show and I’m pretty proud of his accomplishments.

When we leave the first part of June, our grandson, Brennan, will join us for a week and we’ll take him to his other grandparent’s home in Kentucky. From there, we plan to head back up north and hit US Highway 2 that runs just below the Canada border all the way to Spokane, Washington. From there, who knows.

We have an ongoing list of places we’d like to visit in each state and welcome any “you gotta see this” suggestions you may have.

Below are some photos that we took along the way. Enjoy!

Rolling along Hwy 9 in the Ozarks.

Apparently folks are allowed to smoke in restaurants in Iowa.
Finally here!
Our first stop for dinner in Gratiot, Wisconsin. Great food and great service! We camped just behind their building at the train depot since the campground was still messed up from being flooded.
Our first official cheese stop. Joe has been waiting for this for years!
Joe’s very favorite!
Yip, it smells just like stinky feet.
This is one very happy man.
Got to eat dinner with my son-in-law, Jake Hampton, while he was working in Madison.
Cheese anyone?
Agnes checking out the Wisconsin capital.
Wisconsin Capital.
Joe kicking my butt at dominoes.
I have no words……
Abigail after a long day of riding in the car.

Off to another week in Wisconsin! Take care of each other!

2 thoughts on “April 7, 2019

  1. I love Wisconsin! While you’re in Spring Green (one of my favorite towns there), check out Wilson Creek Pottery if you like pottery. Also, Taliesin is cool and has an interesting story. Mount Horeb is a nearby town with a troll theme. If you like beer, pick up some New Glarus – you can only get it in Wisconsin. Looks lovely so far! Enjoy the cheese!!!


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