Getting Ready to Go

Wanna see what our new place looks like? Well here is a shot of the outside and below is what the inside looks like.

We decided that if we are gonna spend the next 2 years in our new digs, there were a few things we wanted to spruce up. One upgrade is we wanted to make the permanent bed to where it can be a sofa by day and fold out to a queen bed at night. This will give us and the fur-babies much more floor space to move around in. We elicited the help of extremely talented cabinetmakers, Prater-Built, out of Cabot, Arkansas. They recommended their top custom builder, Jerimiah Bryant, to design and build a lift-top table that would serve as the base of the bed at night and a coffee table during the day. This table can be moved to the side under the window also, to allow for more room and seating. Check out the photos below to see the progress so far. I’ll share more photos as we get them from Jerimiah in the coming days.

Check out their web page:

They are also on Facebook as Prater-Built Cabinets and Doors


The next phase will be replacing the existing dining table and benches with custom-built seating with storage underneath and a hardwood table. I’ll share those photos soon!

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